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Cafe Seiche is owned and operated by Chris Wolfe, whose vision it is to be the creative provider of locally harvested, farm-to-table experience.  A celebrated chef, Chris works collaboratively with her experienced team in crafting exciting daily offerings focused on local farming and agriculture.  
Proudly partnering with a few of the local farms, Cafe Seiche sources  daily selections.  These farmers all offer either free range and/or organic fare: 


Wonky Acres Farm 

Maple Hill Farm

Sassy Nanny Farmstead

South Shore Meats

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Our Vision
Grilled Teres Major
Organic Veggie Wrap
Citrus Salad
Heavenly lemon cake
Wedding -  Catering
Blueberry peach salad
Beverage offerings
Strawberry Mint Lemonade Cocktail
Key Lime Pie
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